What area do you serve?

Windflower Cakes serves the Columbia River Gorge region, which includes the Oregon communities of Cascade Locks, Hood River, Odell, Parkdale, Mt. Hood, Mosier, The Dalles and Dufur; and the Washington communities of Stevenson, Carson, Underwood, Husum, Trout Lake, White Salmon, Bingen and Lyle.

Do you have a storefront location?

No. Windflower Cakes are produced in an ODA (Oregon Department of Agriculture) licensed bakery studio on our residential property, and is not open for retail sales. 

What is the process for ordering a wedding cake?

First of all...Congratulations! I would be honored to work with you. Browse the gallery, menu and FAQ's to decide if Windflower Cakes will be a good fit for you. Click the button below to inquire about availability and get the process started. Windflower Cakes is not a retail business, and only makes custom orders. I will respond promptly to let you know if I am available, and if so, with more information about the subsequent steps. It's wonderful to meet in person at private tastings during which we go over your wedding details and wishes for the cake. If you are planning from out of town, your schedule is limited, or you have a small dessert budget ($400 or less) we can discuss your order via phone or email and cake samples may be ordered to be picked-up Tuesday - Saturday at Lucy’s Informal Flowers shop in Hood River.

How much should we expect to pay for a Windflower wedding cake?

A cake's total price depends on time required for decorating, icing choice, number of tiers, size of tier, custom decorations, and delivery. The per serving average for buttercream-iced cakes made by Windflower is $6, but that price will vary more or less with the amount of cake ordered and the format (multi-tiered or single tier with supplemental, undecorated cakes). Keep in mind that smaller cake tiers require nearly as much labor to produce as larger cake tiers, so a small cake price per serving will be higher than a larger cake price per serving. Serving size is approximately 1" x 2" x 4", which is considered standard. I am happy to provide free estimates for a given number of servings you require, so please get in touch.

How many flavors can we choose?

For cakes orders serving 40 or more, you may choose up to 2 flavors. Smaller cake orders are limited to one flavor.

Do you have a minimum order?

Only for cakes which are delivered, set-up and decorated by Windflower Cakes. The minimum is $400 (generally serving 70+ guests). 

If you have fewer than 70 guests, or wish to order a small "cutting cake" for the couple only, with supplemental cake for the guests, these may be picked up at the bakery. You have the option to have Windflower add fresh flowers to the cake (limited styles and quantity) for an extra charge or you assume responsibility for procuring and arranging fresh decorations for the cake and set-up. During the summer months it is imperative that adequate arrangements are made to keep the cake(s) cool until service. 

Are sheet cakes an option in addition to the tiered or centerpiece cake?

Windflower cakes are best enjoyed with 4 cake layers and 3 filling layers. For that reason, I offer "supplemental" cakes, or "side" cakes, in various sizes, which are single tiers that may or may not be on display alongside the centerpiece cake, and ensure that there are enough servings for your guests. Price varies depending on whether the cakes are decorated or not.

Do you charge delivery fees?

Yes, delivering large, stacked & tiered cakes is tricky business, so you'll want to leave that up to a professional. The delivery fee to the wedding venue is based on drive time, mileage and set-up time. Fees range from $40 for destinations within a 5 mile radius of downtown Hood River, up to $120 for further destinations. Orders for single tier, 2 tier, or small 3 tier cakes may be picked-up at the bakery with additional packaging charges.

How soon should we book our wedding cake?

Many wedding planning experts often suggest 3 months prior to your wedding day, but with my experience in our region thus far, I would recommend no less than 5 - 6 months. As a solo baker/business owner, my ability to handle late bookings is limited once the wedding season begins in mid-May.

Do you accommodate special diets i.e. gluten-free, vegan, etc?

I am delighted to make any cake flavor gluten-free. Vegan cake flavors are not available at this time.

Are cupcakes or other desserts part of your offerings?

For the 2019 season, I will be offering fruit tarts (menu coming soon!) Although I love making a variety of desserts and pastries, an excellent caterer is better suited to serving and setting up dessert buffets, cupcakes, etc.

Do you use fresh flowers or fruit for decorations?

Almost exclusively. The scenic surroundings, farms, orchards and vineyards inspire a rustic, romantic theme and fresh flowers and local fruit are very appropriate decorations for wedding cakes. I recommend that you discuss it with your florist, as he/she will know exactly what flower arrangement is best suited to your cake. Fresh flowers will need to be arranged on the cake as late as possible (so they won't wilt while on display). I typically do the arranging of the flowers on the cake since I arrive later than the florist. Alternatively, you are welcome to invite your florist to make a cake topper bouquet or posies which I can place on the cake at delivery time. Fresh fruit also needs to be arranged on the cake at set-up, as most berries will fall off during transport, or perish quickly in warm temperatures.

How can we meet with you and taste cake? 

Private cake tastings are by appointment only and for customers planning to order cake for 50+ guests. Tastings typically occur on Sundays a couple times per month at the following times: 9:30 AM, 11:00 AM, or 12:30 PM.

We will meet privately in the lovely storefront of Lucy’s Informal Flowers (the shop will be closed to retail customers) where you will be served 4 varieties of cake; coffee & tea. The tasting fee is $30 and meetings are approximately 45 minutes. Photos/drawings/inspiration for your dream cake are most welcome. We will discuss the details of your wedding, your special wishes for the cake, and I will provide you with estimates for your options. See the EAT CAKE page for more information and to book an appointment.

In the event that you cannot make it to Hood River for a private tasting or my schedule doesn’t work for you, cake samples can be prepared for take-out and picked up from my bakery studio at a scheduled date and time. Please inquire to make these arrangements.

Photo by Maria Lamb

Photo by Carlos Hernandez Photography

Photo by Maria Lamb