Eat cake! I would love to meet you and share some cake samples, coffee and tea. For the upcoming winter months, I will be hosting private cake tasting appointments in the comfortable and lovely space that is Lucy’s Informal Flower Shop in downtown Hood River. We'll talk about all the details of your wedding cake vision and I will provide an estimate for your order.

Before we meet for an appointment, I'll need to know your wedding date to make sure I'm available, so please use the form below to submit an inquiry. I will get back to you, and if I am available for your date I will send you a link to my appointment scheduling app. Appointments are reserved for serious inquiries only: minimum wedding cake order of $400. Not planning on spending that much? I would still be happy to get samples to you! Simply complete the form below and select “Sample Pick-Up Option”.

Please note the following:

  • Appointment dates are limited; and tastings take place on Sundays twice per month throughout the year, with the following appointment time options: 9:30 A.M., 11:00 A.M. or 12:30 P.M. Later appointment times may be negotiated provided you refrain from wine and beer tasting prior to the appointment :)

  • Please request tasting appointment no later than 3 months before your wedding day.

  • Up to 4 guests are welcome (although seating arrangements are most comfortable for 3) at the tasting; there are numerous boutique shops, cafes and tasting rooms all within a block of the shop to entertain extra friends and family.

  • The tasting fee is $30, to be paid at the time of booking the appointment. This fee is refunded to you with the purchase of your wedding cake, after deposit is received.

Name *
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Sorry, I am NOT available for wedding cakes for the following dates: 3/16 - 7/7 (booked) 8/11 -8/20 (vacation) 9/23 - end of year (shoulder surgery)
Venue name and location
Estimated number of guest servings *
Not all guests are interested in dessert - I approximate 10%; sometimes other desserts are served in addition to cake, in which case you may opt for fewer cake servings. Please check at least one option. Prices are approximations for basic tiered cakes.
Cake Sample Pick-Up Option. $15 charged at time of confirmation.
Choose this option if: Your budget is under $400, or Your schedule or location doesn't permit you to make it to a private tasting.
Write here if you have any special requests...

Photo by Maria Lamb