Welcome to Windflower Cakes, a custom wedding cake bakery based in Hood River, Oregon, serving the communities of the Columbia River Gorge. Browse the website to find more information about wedding cakes which are made to order and carefully crafted to be simply delicious. I strive to create for each customer a cake of the highest quality to honor their special day with authenticity, elegance, beauty and joy!

Windflower Cakes are made entirely from scratch with all-natural ingredients. Only unbleached cake flour, organic all purpose flour, pure cane sugar; and rBGH/rBST-free dairy are used. Eggs are organic, from free-range hens, raised here in the Hood River valley. I am committed to buying fruits and flowers produced locally (when available) and supporting our small farmers.

I take pride and pleasure in making many of the featured ingredients in-house such as: fruit preserves, crème fraîche, pralines, and lemon and lime curds. I use cocoa powder from Valrhona, bittersweet chocolate from Callebaut/Cocoa Barry, and pure almond paste from Mandelin.

A wedding cake tier consists of 4 cake layers and 3 layers of filling, then covered with icing and decorated.